Central and cylinder-type regulators are devices mounted directly on tanks containing compressed fluids. Available in single-stage or two-stage versions - they guarantee high stability of operating pressure. For aggressive fluids or in special cases we offer regulators equipped with an inert gas flushing system made of acid resistant steel. 


 Available devices:

kwadrat  ZDA 25
kwadrat  ZD 150
kwadrat  ZD 400
kwadrat  ZD 60
kwadrat  HD 50-150   
kwadrat  HD 200

kwadrat  HD 250FL
kwadrat  HD 400FL
kwadrat  M59
kwadrat  M78 FLOW   
kwadrat  KD76     
kwadrat  E86VA

kwadrat  KD76-VA
kwadrat  VDS-FHR
kwadrat  VDS-PHR
kwadrat  HP-FR1
kwadrat  TPR30-10   
kwadrat  FL1-2-3

Please contact us if you need advice on selecting an appropriate device.





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