Reducing stations are mostly intended for operation with cylinder sets or cylinder bundles, however they can also work with single gas cylinders. They are mounted on a wall, connected with high-pressure cylinders via conduits, and are the first stage of pressure reduction. Available in versions made of chromium-plated brass or high-grade stainless steel.


 Available devices:

kwadrat  HP 230
kwadrat  HP 231
kwadrat  HP 236
kwadrat  HP 237              
kwadrat  HP 240        
kwadrat  HP 241
kwadrat  HP 250
kwadrat  HP 251
kwadrat  HP 260 
kwadrat  HP 261
kwadrat  HP 262            
kwadrat  HP 263
kwadrat  HP 274
kwadrat  HP 276
kwadrat  HP 200      
kwadrat  HP 203
kwadrat  HP 211           
kwadrat  HP 603
kwadrat  HP 600

Please contact us if you need advice on selecting an appropriate device. 





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