Gas fuses are indispensable elements of gas networks, guaranteeing safety in operation with flammable and explosive gases, they protect other devices and, most of all, users. Additionally, by means of the built-in non-return valve they ensure proper direction of gas flow, similarly as quick-fit connectors that facilitate making quick, safe and hermetic connections of elements in gas networks.


 Available devices:

kwadrat  SHT
kwadrat  SRT
kwadrat  DGN
kwadrat  DG91N
kwadrat  DG91UA        
kwadrat  DS 2000
kwadrat  DS 1000
kwadrat  DGN-DK
kwadrat  SIMAX3       
kwadrat  SIMAX5
kwadrat  SIMAX8            
kwadrat  GG
kwadrat  GT
kwadrat  TT
kwadrat  DKST   
kwadrat  DKT-DKD 
kwadrat  GKT           
kwadrat  GKD 
kwadrat  G1
kwadrat  G2
kwadrat  SSE

Please contact us if you need advice on selecting an appropriate device.





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